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1000 Ton

2018-01-02 08:00:00

2018-01-26 13:00:00


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10 days


10 02 02 kezeletlen salak


Origin: Industry

Appearance: Nubbly


<p>Road construction material&nbsp;</p><p>Suitable for road and highway contrustion as roadbed material.</p><p>It does not contain any hazardous material.</p><p>Size: 0,5cm-20cm.</p><p>Composition:</p><p>Slag: 90% m/m ,&nbsp;steel scrap 10% m/m</p><p>FE2O3: 57.4% m/m, Sulfur content: 0,9% m/m, dry matter content:</p><p>98.8% m/m.</p><p>Water-soluble heavy metal can not be detected.</p><p>The amount is 10 % m/m of the visible image of the steel scrap</p><p>contain, and steelcord.</p><p>Delivery: the site is only accessible by road. There is a</p><p>railway station 5kms away, where the shipment can be loaded into railway</p><p>wagons. Loading equipment is available at the site.</p><p>The seller requests payment in Euro.</p><p>Attached the full study protocol.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>