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Report: Single-use plastic packaging must adapt to survive (english)

Researchers from Citi paint an extensive picture of the battle between plastics, paper, metal and glass in packaging. The stakes are huge. Packaging accounts for about 45 percent of the $1 trillion global plastic market....

What we learned from talking to processors about Industry 4.0 (english)

K 2016 was all about Industry 4.0. Nearly every machinery company was touting the promise of the fourth industrial revolution

PepsiCo targets increased recycled PET use in Europe (english)

PepsiCo Inc. has set a target to use 50 percent recycled PET in its bottles by 2030 across the European Union, with an interim target of 45 percent by 2025. 

The impact of National Sword on North America's front lines (english)

With China's ban on certain types of solid waste, including various plastics and higher standard for contamination levels, North America recyclers are being affected.

Egy csodálatos lehetőség, amivel valószínűleg nem fog élni Magyarország (hungarian)

Tudta, hogy az Ön által a szemetesbe dobott hulladékból energiát állítanak elő és még az is előfordulhat, hogy az Ön lakása is ezáltal kap áramot? A most annak járt utána, hogy milyen lehetőségei vannak a hull

PLASTeurope (english)


Plans to make water bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025 / Danone-owned group will collaborate with Ellen MacArthur


First EU-wide strategy on plastics / Focus on recycling / Revision of packaging directive / Framework for waste prevention / Advancing global action / Industry associations make their own recycling commitments

DÜNYA (english)

İyi bir atık yönetimi ile ara mamul ithalatı azalır

PET RECYLING - Collection and recycling of PET rises in Western Europe / Recycling rate reaches 56 percent in 2016 / Petcore Europe report (english)

Across Europe, just under 60% of bottles and containers made from PET were collected in 2016. The recycling rate for these 3.15m t of PET packaging was 56% or 1.7m t. ....l

Recycling & Waste World (english)

UK industry is 'nowhere near ready' to recycle its own plastics 

PET bottle resin prices up, some recycled resins show recent gains (english)

Average North American selling prices for PET bottle resin rose in January, while prices for several recycled resins in the region have increased in recent months as well.